In 2008, Megami Ink Manufacturing will celebrate its 80th year in operation.

From the prewar era through the postwar era of rapid economic growth and the profound technological advances of the information age that has followed, printing and ink technology has undergone constant change and progress. Throughout all the profound changes in the business environment that have occurred during our long history we have never waived from our commitment to product quality.

We work especially hard to help printing companies, the designers and publishers who design printed materials and packages to achieve a final product that is as close as possible to the image in which they were conceived.

Megami Ink will enter its 80th year, in no small part thanks to the support our customers have given us in our pursuit of quality products. But as we move toward our 100th year, we will not be content to rest on the support our customers have given us up to now.  We feel we must reach back to the spirit in which this company was founded and work together with our customers to move the printing industry toward a new stage.

As we move forward, we will use the wisdom and good sense of people and respect our global environment and its finite resources as we pursue our commitment to developing quality products that excite the public.

Finally, as we at Megami Ink strive to achieve continually excellence, we will continue to value the support of printing companies, designers and publishers as we endeavor to further contribute to the printing industry.

Tadao Arai
President & Representative Director
Megami Ink Manufacturing Co., Ltd.