Megami Ink Manufacturing Co., Ltd
April 6, 1928
Tadao Arai
1-3-1 Ueno, Taito-ku  [MAP]
Tokyo 110-0005, Japan
Tel: 03-5604-1586 (main) Fax: 03-5604-1587
Offices and plants

Japan: Tokyo Business Office/Tokyo Plant/Gunma Plant
Overseas:Megami Corporation (Chicago, USA)
        MEGAMIINK (SHANGHAI)Company Limited. (Shanghai)
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Primary products

Offset ink
Printing ink varnish
Raw materials for offset of ink
Printing equipment
Printing materials
Printing Machines

Organization Memberships

Japan Printing Ink Makers Association
Flexographic Technical Association of Japan
Pantone Hexachrome Consortium

Sado Hangamura Art Museum