Product name
OS Super Black
Ultra-dense, high-grade black ink highly regarded for its color tone features. Achieves exceptional reproduction quality not only for coated paper but for all other paper grades, from high-quality to matte-coat.
Extra Black
This high-density black ink based on OS Super Black enhances paper quality, water width, and post processing. The ink's overnight type design takes workability into account.
GV HF Black Ink
This quick setting and drying, blue-shaded, extra-dense black ink is excellent for post processing. Achieves consistent printing when using paper master plates and other printing processes. The ink's extremely minimal dry down makes it especially useful for high-quality paper printing.
BB Black
Exceptionally workable and printable black ink for perfecting presses.High-density ink obtains printed materials with excellent contrast.

NL: NL standards compliant product   ECO: ECO Mark (Ver.2) certified product  Soy: soy-oil ink